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True to her roots as a DISNEY legacy - KAT’s journey as a celebrity Voice Over Talent who lost her voice to cancer ... only to against all odd regain it - and THEN choose to use it as a Patient Advocate and Speaker... reads more like a GRIMM'S FAIRY TALE than real life.

That her career as a voice over artist is stronger than ever is a testament to her (HALLOWEEN) SPIRIT... and that some of her most famous Characters are among the SPOOKIEST in Disney Parks (THE HAUNTED MANSION’s “Black Widow Bride”, TOWER OF TERROR’s “Little Girl Lost”) and Video Games (FABLES’ “Bloody Mary”, DARK DECEPTION’s “Agatha”, MARVEL GAMES’ “Elektra”) - not to mention the only woman ESPN has ever hired as LIVE ANNOUNCER for THE NFL DRAFT... make KAT the IDEAL “GHOST HOST” for this year’s HALLOWEEN MASQUERADE.

When she is not SCARING UP more iconic voice over work, KAT is traveling the country as a Keynote Speaker and Cancer Thriver, helping patients to be better armed in navigating The Health Care System, and serving as a passionate Patient Advocate for patients in various stages of their health + wellness journey.


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